Computing & Game Design

Roblox: Game Design

The course will allow students see the turnover of their favorite hobby and create their own game, which they can share with friends and the whole world!

Flexible formats

High‑interest elective, Summer & After‑school elective.

Target group

Middle School & High School students

Flexible schedule

Flexible duration

Up to 100 lessons, each up to 90 min

"YaizY helps students turn their passions into successful careers through innovative education pathways, courses, and teaching talent."

"YaizY helps students turn their passions into successful careers through innovative education pathways, courses, and teaching talent."

About Course

From Gamer to Game Maker!

Students develop projects and games using the Roblox Studio engine.

After learning the basics of game design and game promotion, students complete the course by launching their own game!


Step-by-step to the Result


Game World Construction

  • Landscapes, buildings, obstacles with standard blocks;

  • Basic LUA scripts.


Game Design

  • Design document;

  • Multi-level game.


Puzzles and Quests

  • Types of logic games and features of the quest genre;

  • Text and graphic puzzles.


Game Promotion

  • Attracting new players;

  • Promotions and advertising.


Multiplayer Game

  • Types of players and game strategies;

  • Scripts for multiplayer mode.


Cross-Platform Development

  • Mobile game features and interface;

  • Scripts for cross-platform development.

Final Project

Case-based Portfolio

"Roblox: Game Design" final project

A multiplayer cross platform Roblox game from scratch and it’s promotion strategy.

Course results

Skill-up approach with YaizY Intended Learning Outcomes

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Focused on essential knowledge, we improve their confidence and competence, preparing them for personal and professional success

Hard Skills

  • Using Roblox;

  • Creating game mechanics;

  • Creating storylines;

  • Programming in LUA;

  • Developing players and strategies;

  • Publishing games.

Soft Skills

  • Collaboration;

  • Communication;

  • Critical Thinking;

  • Creative Thinking;

  • Pitching.


  • Artistic minset;

  • Innovative mindset

Certification Preparation

Unlock Students Success with Professional Certification

Unlock Students Success with Professional Certification

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Each course is crafted to cover certificate competencies either partially or fully.

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Full YaizY-based

YaizY Full Access

  • YaizY teachers;

  • YaizY Curriculum;

  • Live online and asynchronous lessons;

  • YaizY interactive learning platform;

  • Onboarding & Support;

  • Seamless implementation.

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Summer / After School

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What Students say

Tech Requirements

Fully web-based learning for a seamless implementation

Hardware & Internet Speed

  • Computer/laptop;

  • Webcamera;

  • Microphone;

  • Headphones;

  • Mouse;

  • Stable Internet connection from 30 Mbit/s/

Browser & Additional Software

  • Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge;

  • Installed/ VDI tool: Roblox Studio., Google Workspace.