Excellent instruction with YaizY trained and certified teachers

YaizY platform accelerate student learning by creating an interactive and engaging classroom environment, tracking student progress, and supporting both live and asynchronous learning.

Certified teachers at YaizY

Every YaizY teacher must pass our background check.

YaizY is proud to have only certified teachers who are subject matter experts with deep experience in STEM, Arts, Business, and Technology, ensuring students receive a high quality education.

Highly trained teachers at YaizY

At YaizY we ensure that our teachers are fully prepared to provide the best education for our students. All of our teachers go through mandatory extensive training before they begin teaching.

We also offer training for schools’ teachers to lead YaizY courses, ensuring that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide students with the best possible education in a digital setting.

Dedicated professionals

For Student Success

"I'm dedicated to helping every student flourish, and our profession-oriented classes help students discover passions that can both lead to greater engagement during the school day and orient them to a career path."

Maggie Martin

Lead teacher, Instructional coach


What Our Teachers say

Hybrid teaching model

The YaizY hybrid teaching model allows us to bring the best teaching talent to all students.

Senior Teacher

The Senior Teacher, a subject matter expert, takes the lead in the learning process

Teaching Fellow

Teaching Fellows ensure every student is engaged and achieving set goals by supporting students individually and facilitating small group workshops

Including 20+ groups for Ukraine & Sudan refugees

School staff member

The remote YaizY teachers are assisted by a school staff member who facilitates a safe and friendly classroom environment and a smooth learner interaction with the platform

Our core values and mindset

YaizY trained teachers are what drives students curiosity with a fun attitude and deep understanding of the taught subject.


Unwavering kindness and support for all children


Passion for the difficult, prestigious craft of teaching

Including 20+ groups for Ukraine & Sudan refugees


Commitment to continuous learning and growth as a teacher


Belief in every child's limitless potential

Become a YaizY teacher

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