Revolutionize classroom instruction with YaizY platform

YaizY platform accelerate student learning by creating an interactive and engaging classroom environment, tracking student progress, and supporting both live and asynchronous learning.

YaizY Snapshot

We accelerate the student learning journey in schools with our unique combination of online edu-gaming platform; advanced digital-careers content; and synchronous, project-based learning led by awesome teachers!

Gamification and interactive mechanics

Edu-gaming mechanics make learning fun, increase students’ engagement and understanding.

We use a variety of interactive mechanics such as quizzes, drag & drop, dialog NPC, interactive maps, whiteboard, and many more!

Interactive class management tools

With our enhanced platform tools, teachers actively engage students in class, small groups and breakouts.

Teachers can always monitor students’ progress, provide timely feedback and one-on-one support.

Real-life tools

YaizY students create fun projects using real-life workplace tools that are seamlessly integrated into the lessons.

Students work in Unity, Roblox, Wix, Adobe Premiere Pro, Canva, Miro, StopMotion Studio Pro, ClipChamp, and many more.

Asynchronous learning

Students can study at their own pace on YaizY's interactive, game-based platform.

They have the ability to monitor their progress, experience diverse game mechanics, and complete tasks at their convenience.

Learning management system

YaizY learning management system for teachers and admins helps to manage classes and lessons, automate work and make the educational process seamless.

The YaizY platform integrates with different school learning management systems.

Create a personalized learning path for each student

By gathering and analyzing data on student progress, we can provide a clear picture of their accomplishments and adjust their educational plan accordingly

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