YaizY Instructional Design

YaizY innovative instructional design combines rigorous and fun experience, allowing K-12 students to explore their interests and learn about digital careers

YaizY courses ensure passion exploration & career readiness

Credit-bearing courses

YaizY courses follow the U.S. grading system and are aligned to State Standards, ensuring a comprehensive and quality education.

Project-based learning

Students create their own real-world projects like video games, films, digital marketing campaigns, and startup businesses

Including 20+ groups for Ukraine & Sudan refugees

Focus on learning outcomes

YaizY students increase understanding of digital professions and improve digital-career readiness skills

Build with industry experts

YaizY courses are developed with industry experts to ensure relevance and alignment with industry standards

Experiential learning model

Students learn and grow in a fun and engaging way while developing valuable mindsets, skills and capabilities

Hands-on projects

Animation. Students create short gifs in hand-drawn, stop motion and 3D animation techniques.

Roblox: Game Design. Students develop Roblox mini-games in different genres using LUA scripting.

Unity: Game Design. Students develop Unity games with animations, C# scripts, physics and visual effects.

Changemakers. Students create impact marketing campaigns on social topics and develop marketing materials

Professional tools

YaizY students create fun projects using real-life workplace tools that are seamlessly integrated into the lessons.

Students work in Unity, Roblox, Wix, Adobe Premiere Pro, Canva, Miro, StopMotion Studio Pro, ClipChamp, and many more


We empower students to explore exciting super-stories scenarios such as creating animated dreams for a space crew, drawing attention to the global challenges, or building engaging games for the Metaverse.

Practical implementations

In YaizY courses, we employ practical implementations through real-life examples and cases, such as creating Scratch projects on pollution, analyzing seabed cleanup data, exploring top game development companies, and engaging in debates on contemporary issues.

YaizY Content Studio

Content Studio designs scalable and customizable instructional content

Multiple course types

Semester- and year-long CTE courses and high-interest electives, after-school programs, and summer programs

Various lesson formats

Multiple lesson formats including direct instructional lessons, workshops, and asynchronous classes for flexible learning

Including 20+ groups for Ukraine & Sudan refugees

Innovative assessment system

Graded and ungraded systems based on school culture with personalized feedback and multiple assessment elements

Flexible lesson plans

Scalable content creation and customizable syllabus with core and extended parts

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